In Home Child Care

Carer and children playing with blocks

Government subsidised home-based early education and care.

For some families, traditional childcare is not sustainable. If your family circumstance means that you are unable to access traditional forms of early education and care (such as Family Day Care and Centre Based Care) you may be eligible for In Home Care. Contact us to find out how to apply.

Child Care Subsidy - Families are able to apply for the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) to assist with the costs of In Home Care, just as they could for Centre Based Care or Family Day Care. Information about eligibility and application for the CCS may be found at the following sites.

In Home Care has a minimum session time of 3 hours and is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

In Home Care Fees begin at $42/hour – all inclusive.

At Steps & Strides we work with you to give choice to your family. In situations of ongoing care, you are invited to be part of the process in selecting the best Educator to meet your children’s needs.

In Home Care Eligibility Criteria:

In Home Care is available to families who can demonstrate other types of approved child care are not available or appropriate and where one or more of the following criteria apply:

  • parents or carers are working non-standard or variable hours, outside normal child care service hours
  • parents or carers are geographically isolated from other types of approved child care, particularly in rural or remote locations
  • the family has challenging or complex needs, including where families are experiencing challenging situations, and other approved child care services are not able to meet the needs of the child or the family.

Steps & Strides and Early Education.

Steps & Strides provide an individualised learning program for your child.  Using the principles of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) or My Time Our Place frameworks-for school age children).

Our educators receive supervision, mentoring and professional development opportunities.

More information about the EYLF can be found here: